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Apologies to all who just downloaded the 1.12 version, but I've had a good 
lunch hour coding today, and I've fixed a long running bug, and added another 
new feature, so 1.13 is now available.

The bug first, the Euro character is now, finally and at long last, handled 
correctly in the editor, and even exports correctly no matter what format you 
wish to export. Hooray! This has been a bug bear since I first wrote the 
utility. So, how many years does it take to fix it? A lot. I ended up writing a 
whole new translate "codec" so that PC and QL files are correctly translated 
from 8 bit to UNICODE, QT uses UNICODE internally, and written out in the 
correct encoding - which is UTF8 for any text format except XML, which has to 
have ISO-8859-P15.

The feature? You can now open recently opened files. Up to 10 are kept between 
sessions and the most recent one is always at the top of the list. Each recent 
file has a shortcut - CTRL+n, where n is it's position in the list from 1 
(first = most recent) to 0 (for the 10th file) (last = least recent of the 10 
files). The list only shows files that still exists on your disc.

I've just uploaded the executable for Windows 32 and 64 bit, plus Linux 64 bit. 
When I get access to a 32 bit Linux system, I'll do a build and put the 
executable up for that too.

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