Thanks to the swift action of XorA on QL Forum, my QL Homepage site is back, 
after a fashion.

Graeme kindly offered to host the full 2.33GB of it on space he has at until the IT department here (me!) gets everything working 
properly again.

If you go to, you can click on a link there to the 
temporary site at, it should be active by now. I 
am able to upload to my own site, but it would be a waste of time for me and 
irritating for users for me to spend 12 hours uploading 2.33GB only to find 
it's gone again 24 hours later.

In theory, all content is available from In practice, there may 
well be some absolute URLs embedded in the site which directly call only to find that things ain't there yet. If this causes a problem 
(non-working links), get in touch with me and I'll see what I can do. I'd 
rather not make too many changes or site updates at the moment in case it has a 
knock-on effect when I'm able and confident to restore the usual site.

I am still having email problems, so if I don't seem to be replying to an 
email, it has probably vanished into the ether at random along with many others 
- send me a PM via the QL Forum instead. I can only apologise for the ongoing 
QL-Users Mailing List

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