Thank you John.
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Bill Newell is ill.

I have tried to avoid pestering Babs, Mrs Newell, but today I called her and asked for an update.
As it stands at present.
Mental Health.  Still very poor due to Alzheimers Disease.
Babs say that on very rare occasions ,Bill does recognise her, but the recognition does not last above a few minutes.

Physical Health. There is no concern now with Sepsis. The Antibiotics worked.
However Bill must remain bed ridden.
When ever he leaves his bed, if only to stand, his Blood Pressure crashes down, so the medics have decided, permanent bed.
No one has offered any explanation.

I will try to get to Bill, currently in a Nursing Home, when I can get some support from my family. I do not drive now as my eyesight is lacking and I expect the visit will require a full day, most of it spent travelling.

I hope I can keep you informed of Bill’s wellbeing in the future.

All the best.

John Taylor.
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