Wolf via Ql-Users wrote:
> In the last months on the Italian Sinclair QL mailing list we had quite a
> number of discussions on some bugs (?) that appeared in SMSQ/E and were
> probably not promptly spotted because of the impossibility of testing
> everything and lack of feedback from users (who maybe were not upgrading
> regularly).

It's also mostly access to the required hardware. I was going to buy
Jochen Hassler's SGC but so far he wasn't able to find it! :-( Hope it
turns up in a box sometime.

I do have a QXL that was kindly donated to me 10 years ago or so, but
I don't really see much point in maintaining it.

>> 1) SMSQ/E for Aurora does not read anymore DD floppy disks. Everything was
>> working till 2.91. From the tests did on some SMSQ/E version we found 2.95
>> has the bug, 2.98 crashes, 3.03 has the bug
> The version of SMSQE I got was 2.99.

The latest I have found in a quick search is 2.93. I probably have
older ones at least partly on some floppy discs. But the thing is 2.92
was the introduction of the Q40 and if I remember correctly this was
such a major change in the sources that comapring 2.91 and 2.91 will
not result in much more enlightnment.

>> I guess it does not make sense to spend effort for SMSQ/E for QXL, but the
>> issues on the GC/SGC/Aurora versions I think would deserve at least a try.
> Both deserve a try, and both have already got a try from me, 
> unfortunately without success.

I will help once I get my hands on the hardware, but this can take a
while. And while I find the offers very kind I don't want to work on
loaned hardware, sorry.

Cheers, Marcel

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