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> Rich Mellor has been able to secure permission for the Liberation Software
> range of compilers and utilities to be released as freeware.
> So I have made available copies of the version 1 compiler and manual
> (formerly known as Budget QLiberator) and version 3.36 compiler and manual
> on a new QLiberator page on my website. The version 1 compiler has less
> demanding requirements and can run on lower specification QL systems.
> Also available is the modified runtimes, patched for the problem where the
> ERNUM and ERLIN error returns can be reversed in the standard compiler
> runtimes if you use the RNUM and ERLIN functions in your programs.
> Additionally, an enhanced patch program for the compiler, allowing the
> heap area to be made larger than the 512K limit of the original software.
> The QLOAD and QREF utilities are also available. QLOAD/QSAVE provide
> tokenised fast load and save programs for SuperBASIC (not needed in SBASIC
> as it has its own version of the QLOAD and QSAVE extensions). QREF is a
> BASIC programming utility for SuperBASIC and SMSQ/E, allowing you to list
> variables, procedures, functions etc, plus a QFIND utility to locate a name
> within a program. A patch program is supplied to patch the standard QREF to
> work with the new binary and hexadecimal format constants in SBASIC (values
> preceded by % or $). A manual for this utility will follow when I've had
> time to OCR it).
> Finally, RPM is a Resident Program Manager, for creating resident files
> from extensions, SuperBASIC programs, QLiberator object and other
> executable programs, and some data files. A manual for this will also
> follow once I've had time to OCR it.
> We are very grateful to Ian Stewart and Adrian Soundy of Liberation
> Software for letting us make these great programs available.
> Download them all from the new QLiberator page on my website at
> or at
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