Just a quick note that strictly, Adrian didn't say yes to RPM - I think they had forgotten that utility but he said he would dig out all of his old disks and see what software and sources (when he returns to New Zealand in the next few days) and see what he can access.

I have v1.9 of QLOAD and v1.3 of QREF - were they the last versions?

Rich Mellor RWAP Software www.rwapsoftware.co.uk www.sellmyretro.com

On 2017-06-13 18:43, Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users wrote:
Rich Mellor has been able to secure permission for the Liberation
Software range of compilers and utilities to be released as freeware.

So I have made available copies of the version 1 compiler and manual
(formerly known as Budget QLiberator) and version 3.36 compiler and
manual on a new QLiberator page on my website. The version 1 compiler
has less demanding requirements and can run on lower specification QL

Also available is the modified runtimes, patched for the problem where
the ERNUM and ERLIN error returns can be reversed in the standard
compiler runtimes if you use the RNUM and ERLIN functions in your

Additionally, an enhanced patch program for the compiler, allowing the
heap area to be made larger than the 512K limit of the original

The QLOAD and QREF utilities are also available. QLOAD/QSAVE provide
tokenised fast load and save programs for SuperBASIC (not needed in
SBASIC as it has its own version of the QLOAD and QSAVE extensions).
QREF is a BASIC programming utility for SuperBASIC and SMSQ/E,
allowing you to list variables, procedures, functions etc, plus a
QFIND utility to locate a name within a program. A patch program is
supplied to patch the standard QREF to work with the new binary and
hexadecimal format constants in SBASIC (values preceded by % or $). A
manual for this utility will follow when I've had time to OCR it).

Finally, RPM is a Resident Program Manager, for creating resident
files from extensions, SuperBASIC programs, QLiberator object and
other executable programs, and some data files. A manual for this will
also follow once I've had time to OCR it.

We are very grateful to Ian Stewart and Adrian Soundy of Liberation
Software for letting us make these great programs available.

Download them all from the new QLiberator page on my website at
http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qlib/index.html or at

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