Of course I misunderstood and I thought Wolfgang was referring to a floppy
disk transfer. Can you please provide the link for the download of this "DD"



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Davide wrote:

> Having had to transfer a full QL system based on SGC/Qubide to .win 
> with 150 Mb, using DD would have been quite a nightmare.

Why should dd be a nightmare? Are you aware that dd means a utility program,
not floppies?

> [...]

> I understand the effort to write such sw might not be negligible, but 
> a utility which could manage to read native Qubide hard disks on a PC 
> and transfer files to a .win file (and maybe vicecersa) I think would 
> be very useful.

If you have a PC with IDE port anyway, then where is the problem to use dd
to get the image?


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