Hi Wolfgang

I think that the QXL display depends a lot on the
video card installed on the PC. I could not find out what type of video
card is needed to get all the best resolutions.
If it were possible, it
would be nice that with QXL, you should not have a QXL.WIN for DOS
device (C :, D :, E: etc.), but it would be configurable as with QPC in
any subdirectories

GC / SGG / Aurora
The DD floppy problem. It's not
just formatting but also reading/writing. They just do not
Verified on both Aurora + SGC and QL + simple CG. I only have ED
drives, so I do not know if the problem exists by using other hardware
such as HD floppy drives or DD floppy drives.

Andrea Carpi

21.06.2017 09:25 Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users ha scritto: 

> As you
rightly point out, without the actual hardware this is going to 
become practically impossible - not only to fix, but even just to check

> whether the problem exists (a case in point : some recent QXL screen

> problem, one user (Andrea) reported a problem, I had a look at the
> to try to find out why but couldn't, and then another user (Bob)
> that it worked OK...).
> (...)
> Finally just a
not-so-related question: There is a bug reported here 
> that precludes
formatting disks on a SuperGoldgard - does anybody know 
> whether that
is also true for a simple Goldcard? I ask because I know 
> that I can
get my hands on one of those.

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