John Impellizzeri via Ql-Users wrote:

> I tried QXLwinreader on my dd image but it was not recognized
> as a valid image file. Then I read the post about the file
> possibly needing conversion due to the 68K being big-endian.

I was just guessing, because it theory there could have been some 
implicit byteswapping on the QL Qubide driver or hardware side, 
making up for CPU endianess.

> Since I was running QXLwinreader on a Mac with an Intel cpu
> (little-endian) I ran dd on the file again using the conv=swab
> option and I can report that QXLwinreader happily accepts the
> converted file and I can peruse through files and directories
> in it.  I havenTMt tried copying any files yet in either direction
> as I have to set up a QXLwin file yet but it looks promising now.

Thanks for the feedback, glad it worked. Please provide an update 
after you successfully copied something.


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