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Hi Bob,

This problem also exists on the HD drive of my Aurora or QXL-PC.
If I can find a working DD drive I may test this later.

Again just to be clear : yo also cannot read/write/format disks when they are HD (1.4 MiB) disks, when using he Aurora. Does this need a GOldcard or Supergoldcard (and if so, which do you use?).

Just to add some clarity I did some testing.

A) Machine 1 = QL(i6)+SGC +ED +HD drives, SMSQ/E v3.13 booting from ROMdisq.
Reading and writing a DD disk was OK on both ED & HD!
When I replaced the HD with a DD drive reading & writing was also OK.

B) Machine 2 = Aurora +SGC +ED drive, SMSQ/E v3.21 booting from Qubide disk.
Reading DD disk OK, writing hangs the system, hardware reset needed!
When I replaced the ED with a DD drive reading was OK, writing hangs.
No null length files were opened on the DD medium.
Also reading an msdos DD was OK but writing hangs again.
On this Aurora under QDOS, reading & writing a DD disk was not a problem.
Repeating this test with SMSQ/E v2.91 confirmed DD was OK there.

C) Machine 3 = msdos 7, QXL plus HD drive, with SMSQ/E v3.21.
Reading and writing a DD disk was OK!
My earlier claim that QXL also gave problems was based on older PC hardware which is no longer functioning and may have been a faulty disks.

All testing was done with QPAC2 Files using the Backup and View options and performed on the same disk. I no longer have a GoldCard to compare with but these tests seem to suggest an Aurora/SMSQ conflict. Both SGC's report a v2.49 ROM.

Reading and writing ED or HD disks may give occasional problems which I suspect are individual disk faults and usually only report medium errors. I have not done any formatting tests but problems on Aurora in the past made me adopt the practice of always doing this under QDOS, the whole box of 10 in one go.

I hope this helps,

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