I have been looking at the problem with Disk Mate 5 on QPC2 & SMSQmulator and every time I load Disk Mate 5 I am prompted for the current date.

Since the Year is only 2 digits this is causing a problem, since we are now in 2017. I think the programme must be thinking the date is 1917 rather than 2017.

I reset my PC clock to 1999 and Disk Mate 5 started up correctly.

Resetting the PC clock back to 2017 causes a problem with the date,

I tried to email PM_DATA, but the email address in the DM5 Manual is unreachable.

Does anyone know of any contact for PM_DATA, to see if the DM5 source code can be released, to correct the problem.

Otherwise like most Year 2000 incompatible software, it is consigned to the bin, or maybe DM5 could be re-written from the screen functions???



On 13/01/17 11:21, Bob Spelten wrote:
Op Fri, 13 Jan 2017 06:41:10 +0100 schreef Wolf <w...@wlenerz.com>:


there ae 2 versions of DM : DM5_obj and DM5_int_obj , the problem only seems to arise on the..int version, use the other one instead.

Minor point is that only the _int_ version has been patched for GD2.
I just installed both versions in SMSQm8 and both reported the date error but now my PC clock was not upset, nor by OK on the given date. There was a Qlib error next on "Q_ERR_ON"(?)- both versions and Qlib_run was installed - but a Continue did start the program. Then there was a running error on the FEX keyword, which is expected to be an FI2 command but may have been disabled while the SMSQ/E command does something completely different.

To resolve both issues the sources are needed so I think it's wise to avoid DM5 until this is resolved. Earlier I had patched my copies of DM5 and FI2 to read FFX instead of FEX, which worked until the date problem arose.


On 12/01/2017 17:47, Martyn Hill wrote:
Hi Bob

Just to confirm that I too have been unable to run DM5 on QPC (v4) and
saw oddities around the date before it would hang QPC.

I didn't investigate to the same depth, but it appears to match your


On 12/01/2017 15:35, Bob Spelten wrote:
Hi All,

I was trying to get DiskMate5 to run in QPC2/QLE but ran into a
serious problem.
It reported a wrong date but while the suggested date was correct my
PC clock had been reset in the background to 18-Jan-2053, causing
problems on the W$7 side.
In my QPC2/QLE this also froze SMSQ/E but not in my normal QPC2.
Also a previous QPC2 (v3.40/3.16) behaved the same.

I have used DM5 for GD2 sporadically before but never seen this bug.
Has something changed in SMSQ/E's date handling that is not working
for DM5 anymore?
Has anyone experienced this before?


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