On 28/06/17 10:12, Wolf via Ql-Users wrote:
Hi Derek,

100 DEFine PROCedure p
110 ERT HOT_KEY('g',CHR$(27))
120 EX RAM1_Dm5_Obj
130 WAIT 20
140 HOT_DO('g')
150 WAIT 20
160 HOT_DO('g')
170 WAIT 20
180 HOT_DO('g')
190 ERT HOT_REMV('g')
200 END DEFine p

Adjust the key, timings and drive to suit your system.
At least you won't have to type in the date anymore.

Have fun

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Hi Wolfgang,

I suppose that is one way to get around the problem.

My supplementary question was is it worth writing this type of problem from the DM5 usage. Since all the development software is now free.

Maybe worth an look and get more experience of Easypointer 4


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