There seems to be 2 differences between PAUSE and WAIT.

PAUSE  needs channel #0, WAIT doesn't.


PAUSE can be interrupted with a keypress, WAIT can't.


Wait comes from the outptr toolkit (on my QLStuff webpage, pointer tools). It just suspends the calling job for x ticks : WAIT x

You can replace it with Pause - or even a simple delay loop if you want to run it without windows pen (in the case of Pause).

FYI, on my machine runing SMSQmulator, the timings of the p procedure would look as follows:

100 DEFine PROCedure p
110 ERT HOT_KEY('g',CHR$(27))
120 EX RAM1_Dm5_Obj
130 REMark WAIT 20    - not used !
140 HOT_DO('g')
150 WAIT 1
160 HOT_DO('g')
170 WAIT 1
180 HOT_DO('g')
190 ERT HOT_REMV('g')
200 END DEFine p

Have fun!

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