I’ve been working on a new proposed update to the Turbo parser. Here is what it 
can do: Warn of duplicated parameters/locals, locals overwriting parameters, 
names used again in nested FOR/REPeat loops; locals not used - or used but not 
assigned. If MANIFEST or IMPLICIT statements are made too late, then Turbo will 
now be able to give the line number where they need to be placed. Any missing 
REFERENCE statements are now warned of with a by-ref/by-value conflict check. 
REMarks can now be attached to the top of IF/SELect/FOR/REPeat structures.
Besides the above additions, some existing parts of the code have been improved 
upon. Warnings of "LOCALs must follow DEFinitions." and "Meaningless command 
ignored." have not been working. This is now fixed. Some bugs are extremely 
minor - On Turbo's front panel, it is possible to overflow the report file 
window. This is now fixed.
May I ask everyone please, if you are aware of any problems in using Turbo, can 
you please inform me. I’m quite familiar with Turbo's code, having studied this 
for some while, so should be able to investigate.

The parser will increase in size by 11k to 91k. I presume this will be 
acceptable. I need to check my code first, before submitting this to George.

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