Thanks for that.

In the boot all file separators are "." (eg. "tk.bin"), but when dezipped, the file separators are "_" as they should be, so the boot can't find them.

This also doesn"t seem to wrok with an extended screen under SMSQ/E?


On 21/07/2017 14:31, Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users wrote:
Lear PCB Design 7.52

Malcolm Lear has made available an updated v7.52 of his PCB Design program. Download from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/graphics/index.html

Malcolm says there are many improvements and refinements, so here's an extract from the REVISIONS.TXT file in the program listing major changes in recent versions:

7.49 08-04-17 Text element was being routed though the fingerpad detection filter in all export modes resulting in some missing text. This is now fixed.

7.50 Multipage loading screen suffered lost of first character in file names, this is now fixed. This issue only likely showed on low resolution platforms such as the QL.
Function to report project file revision after loading implemented.
Nasty assembler bug that performed a word write to odd boundary when requesting predefined components now fixed. This problem was overlooked for some time due to the authors 68020 based development system.
Pad based bombsight marker is deprecated and now track based.
Automatic bombsight conversion on load has been implemented.
Flood fill clearance saved in project file (information block).
Default new label positioning, layer and orientation now based on properties of existing labels.
Text size on predefined fiducial corrected.
Edit mode changed from bit tests and sets to absolute values in assembler code thus eliminating ambiguous values.

7.51 More assembler tidying up and minimizing.

7.52 All labels, not just the first 5 can now be switched on or 2Kb of unused dataspace (dot matrix label buffer) removed.

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