Sorry the 'CD' was just in there for development, delete the line and all 
should be  fine ))

On 22 July 2017 18:34:38 BST, Michael Bulford via Ql-Users 
<> wrote:
>Wolf wrote: 
>> In the boot all file separators are "." (eg. "tk.bin"), but when 
>> dezipped, the file separators are "_" as they should be, so the boot 
>> can't find them.
>There is the -Q1 option in unzip to reverse the "_" <-> "." 
>Eg. EX unzip,#1; "-Q1 -d ram6_"
>and they all come out with dots in them !
>I have run the code and this does work well using QPC2, in extended
>screen size.
>As a matter of interest, I tried my new Turbo parser on the BASIC code,
>and this was the result ..
>**** ERROR at 32210: Variable assignment expected.  
>++++ Warning at 2570: Not assigned: global WinW2  
>++++ Warning at 2570: Not assigned: global WinH2  
>++++ Warning at 2570: Not assigned: global WinX2  
>++++ Warning at 2570: Not assigned: global WinY2  
>++++ Warning at 15290: Not assigned: global GScale 
>TURBO: Parsing done, at 197440 statements per minute.
>1 error and 5 warnings.
>The 1 ERROR refers to "CD" which presumably is CHANGE_DIR, or DATA_USE
>The 5 variables would have been initialised to zero, which may be
>unless you are using "AH" or "JM", in which case you'll get an "error
>in expression".
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