there are limits to the QLWA (i.e.qxl.win) file system, but they shouldn't be so small.

Basically, a file is limited to the size of the "disk" (it obviously can't be bigger than that) minus some overhead (for the FAT, the root secor and the rot directory). The QLWA system is a FAT type system. each entry in the FAT (called "map" in SMSQE parlance) is a word (2 bytes) long, so you can't reference more than 65536 clusters (or "allocation units"). A file could occupy all of these clusters (minus the overhead).

I just created a 400 MB QXL.win disk and copied a 200 MB file onto it. No problem with file size there, it's just pretty slow under SMSQmulator.

Qubide isn't that much different, except that each entry in the FAT takes a long word (4 bytes).



Trying to transfer large files between Windows 10,
QPC2, and QL-Aurora-SGC-Qubide I have noticed that there are big
limitations in the maximum length of the files.

I mean:
hard drive in QPC2 I'm not able to generate files longer than 50Mb (End
Of file error)
- On the Qubide hard drive the limit is 19Mb (ROM 2.01),
but perhaps also depends on the partition creation choices

- On Ram
Disk (in QPC2 maximum RAM 128 Mb) I did not find any limits unless the
size of the RAM
- I did not find limits on DOS devices from QPC2 except
those of the file system in use on Windows (NTFS)

Specifically for
QXL.WIN and QUBIDE do anyone know the exact length limits and

Thank you

Andrea Carpi

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