Hi George and others who have also missed the Apr/May issue of QUANTA eMag,

After considerable investigation, it would appear that having sent the Apr/May Issue of QUANTA eMag out in two batches, I may have sent the same batch out twice! Some time ago, I sent out the eMag out as one batch but together with a large .PDF file I was advised by BT that I had exceeded some limit that I wasn't aware of and it was suggested that I sent the eMag out in two batches.

Of course the error with the recent issue is entirely my fault for which I apologise to all affected and both John Southern and I have tried to keep pace with the messages received telling us that they had not received their eMag. I think that most of you know that I have resigned from the QUANTA Committee as treasurer and Membership Secretary with effect from the A.G.M. in April and John Southern has taken over from me. Good luck John!

However, just in case anyone has still not received their eMag, I have decided to send the eMag again to all the members who were on the second mailing list. To those who have already received the eMag, I offer my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by receiving a duplicate attachment.

Hopefully having corrected the error, I only have to say thank you to all who have helped me with my QLing and should any of you have a problem with anything that you think I can answer (or know someone who can), please drop me an email and I will endeavor to provide either a full answer or perhaps a key from which you can sort out your problem on your own.

To you all, I hope that you continue to get a load of pleasure from your QL and I look forward to following your activities either through this list or through the QUANTA Magazine .

Cheers and kind regards,

John Gilpin.

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My fault entirely. - See attached

Thank you


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