On Wed, 16 Aug 2017, Duncan wrote:

Question : are you using QDOS or smsqe? with smsqe it should be possible to 
create a wrapper basic executable program that will EXEP "task; parameters" 
then continue to run and check the jobs list (you will know the task name) 
until the task it EXEP has finished before continuing with what you want to do 
Hi Duncan,
Thanks for your suggestion, I did think of that idea.
Also, I have found FEP(...) which returns the id of the job created.
So, I'm guessing I could do something along these lines ...
id = FEP(etc)
REPeat wait
    IF PJOB(id)=0  : IF OJOB(id)=0  : IF JOB$(id)="" : EXIT wait
END REPeat wait
I haven't tried this yet. Doing it this way, the task name would not need to be 
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