This logic and etc. are all built in on the SSQB (that's the SUPER
SuperQBoard v4!) so it has a PS/2 port and a USB socket (PS/2 adaptor, USB
only mice will not work)...


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> Hi Derek
> Thanks for that. Making your own seems like a lot of work when USB to PS2
> adapters are dirt cheap. Yes I know the mouse would need to understand both
> PS2 and USB protocols. That's the current PS2 combo mouse type. I will look
> at the QIMI mouse connection on the Aurora board with the Atari/Amiga USB
> adapter, but I am also still interested in the serial mouse if it it still
> available. I will contact you off list about it.
> Cheers
> Duncan
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> Hi Duncan,I do not have your email address. My email address is:
> derek@q40.deThe USB to Atari/Amiga adapters work really well, fr
> connection to QIMI the adapter must be in Atari mode. As the Amiga has some
> lines going to different pins on the DB9 side.There are USB -> PS2
> adapters, which connect the USB +Data/-Data line to the PS/2 Data/Clock.See
> this web link:
> the USB mouse has to support PS/2 mode.I have not had much success with USB
> to PS/2 adapters, I have lots of the USB to PS/2 Plug adapters, Maplin
> Electronics sell them for £0.61, so could worth risk...-- Regards,DerekOn
> 16/08/17 07:59, via Ql-Users wrote:> Hi Derek, looks like I don't have your
> current email address as the email I have sent just came back undelivered.
> Could you email me at the aol address you have for me as that is still the
> same.> > Cheers> > Duncan> 
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