Would it be possible to add in a code letter in TK_VER$ for each version of Turbo Toolkit, i.e.

TK_VER$ for SMS, 3.40s



On 17/08/17 10:25, Tobias Fröschle via Ql-Users wrote:

there are a number of toolkits that allow you to check for specific other 
toolkit commands loaded or not - But this is a bit useless as it leaves you 
with a chicken-and-egg problem: How to check whether the checking toolkit is 

Your best bet on SMSQ/E would be a WHEN ERRor clause you place just in front of 
a Toolkit command you are about to execute:

1000 TurboTkLoaded = 1
1010 WHEN ERRor
1020    TurboTkLoaded = 0
1040 REMark Execute a Toolkit command
1050 MANIFEST : x = 100
1055 REMark de-activate error checker
1060 WHEN ERRor
1080 PRINT "Turbo Toolkit loaded:"!TurboTkLoaded

On a QL with non-working WHEN ERRor commands (pre-MG) you are a bit doomed, the 
only thing I could probably come up with is writing a BASIC program that PEEKs 
the name list, which is not quite so simple.


Am 17.08.2017 um 10:49 schrieb Lee Privett via Ql-Users 

I originally posted this on the forum:

Hi community, I have searched for this on the forum but cannot find an
entry but I am sure this has been asked before.

I currently test for the presence of the HBA ROM in a boot program using
VER$ and would like to test for other toolkits, specifically the TURBO
toolkit. Is there a way to do this automatically in a boot so that when
subsequent runs of the boot it is not loaded again in one session?

e.g. for the HBA version I use:

Code: Select all <http://qlforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2063#>

I feel there must be a way to test for TURBO toolkit, any ideas?

A reply from Derek suggested  the following:

There is a keyword: TK_VER$, but only returns the version of Turbo Toolkit,
which is the same for the SMS and QDOS versions.

A simple way would be to add "SMS" in the version number. Which would mean
a new version of Turbo Toolkit.

The SMS version calls the SMSQ/E extended traps, where the QDOS does not,
so maybe a test for SMSQ/E extended traps is the way, but I would favour
the about alteration to TK_VER$.

George Gwilt used to maintain Turbo and maybe the Toolkit. I think this
message needs to be posted in the QL-USERS mailing list, George Gwilt reads
that list.

Any views at all?

Regards Lee Privett
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