Op 17/08/2017 om 20:36 schreef Giorgio Garabello via Ql-Users:
Hi everyone, I have a doubt about the EASYPTR4 Application windows
I put an array in an Application Window Menu, then I defined that the first
letters of each element are underlined and usable as shortkey.
Shortcuts can only be used if the pointer is located above the application
   If the pointer is somewhere else, these short keys can not be used. Is it
a feature or a bug?
In either case, how can I do this to use these shortkeys regardless of the
position of the pointer?

thanks in advance

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Hi Giorgio,

It is a feature not a bug.

Shortkeys should be 'linked' to a 'Loose object' that allows them to be useable/available all the time execpt when in 'editing mode'.

If you want to choose something with a press on a key, you should use dropdown menus or use Jochen's menu extension.

That is how I do it.

François Van Emelen

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