Simply load one of the thousand "is there that toolkit name" extensions like "ISIT" (Disassembler from DP) or similar and you are happy. Even Dilwyn has one on his site.

There is also a very old little toolkit from Steve Jones (Sidewinder), which can put every resident Procedure into an "F_xxx" Function extension to check, if it is available. I have to look.

Per Witte via Ql-Users:
George, the question is relevant if you write programs intended for other
people: You cant be sure THEY will load Turbo. However, IMHO, any serious
Tinkerer should load Turbo as a matter of course.


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I feel there must be a way to test for TURBO toolkit, any ideas?
In my BOOT I load the TURBO toolkit. So why should I test for it?
If I don’t load it in my BOOT it just is not loaded.


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