I originally bought a Sinclair QL some time in the mid 1980s. It was my
main computer for a while, but I eventually replaced it with an Atari ST
and it went into the attic.

A few years later I got back into the QL. I used QPC1 and then QPC2 on
whatever PC I had at the time. I gradually got interested in other things,
and then I seem to remember getting my first PC that had no diskette drive
and so I couldn't run QPC anymore.

During this period (1998 apparently) I wrote a program called Qbase that I
am astonished to find is available from Dilwyn's site and is part of the
Black Phoenix distribution.

So, a while ago I thought I'd see what was happening in the QL world (or
rather, if there still was one) and I found that it still existed and so
here I am, configuring my boot file and trying to get my head around
EasyPtr, again...

Outside the QL World I am actually a professional programmer and also a
linguist and researcher into automatic language analysis and speech

It's nice to be reunited with the QL, and also to find so many familiar
names still involved with it.

I do already have a couple of questions, but I think they might be better
in a separate thread.

Regards to all,

Daniel Baum
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