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> Hi all,
> Almost 20 years ago I wrote a program called Qbase, and now I am trying to
> run and compile the source code.
> There are two versions, the older one is mostly text based, with a few
> added menus. This version runs and compiles without any problems.
> The newer version was written with easyPtr, and I am having problems
> getting some of the menu files to work. Most of the menus load and display
> without any problems but the main menus do not. I can load them into
> easyMenu, but MDRAW does not display them, the menus either do not display
> at all, or they are garbled.
> The main menus are much larger than the sub menus (the ones that do work),
> so maybe that's a clue.
> The actual compiled program from the zip does work, and I am stumped.
> Obviously both the operating system and easyPtr have gone through many
> versions since I wrote qbase, so I assume something has changed in the
> environment. Does anyone have a clue where I should look? I am using the
> latest QPC, SMSQ/E and easyPtr, as far as I know.
> Thanks,
> D.
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