OK, I've emailed copies of snooper and clock to you, here's a brief description of Snooper, from your website originally:

Snooper Basic

This version is Basic source code because I can't get it to work once compiled. It needs to be renumbered and merged with your Basic code. It may be activated with the BREAKPOINT keyword. For some reason it won't run when Turbo Toolkit is loaded. Has huge problems with local variables, which seem to lose their names when out of scope. If anyone knows how to reconnect local variables to their names when they are out of scope, please let me know. Also only runs on SMSQ/E.


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Hi DIlwyn,

To be honest, I do not remember writing either of those, and I have no idea
what they do (although "clock" sounds pretty obvious...).

In principle, I have no objection to anything I wrote being made available,
however I would like to have a look at them first to do a bit of QA before
unleashing them on the public.



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Welcome back Daniel! Glad to see you found your software on my site.

At one stage, I had a lot of your programs but lost them in a hard disk
crash some years ago. I still have two zip files called 'snooper' and
'clock' - would it be OK to make them available on my site now I have found
them again?

If I find any more of your QL software I'll ask about those too.


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I originally bought a Sinclair QL some time in the mid 1980s. It was my
main computer for a while, but I eventually replaced it with an Atari ST
and it went into the attic.

A few years later I got back into the QL. I used QPC1 and then QPC2 on
whatever PC I had at the time. I gradually got interested in other things,
and then I seem to remember getting my first PC that had no diskette drive
and so I couldn't run QPC anymore.

During this period (1998 apparently) I wrote a program called Qbase that I
am astonished to find is available from Dilwyn's site and is part of the
Black Phoenix distribution.

So, a while ago I thought I'd see what was happening in the QL world (or
rather, if there still was one) and I found that it still existed and so
here I am, configuring my boot file and trying to get my head around
EasyPtr, again...

Outside the QL World I am actually a professional programmer and also a
linguist and researcher into automatic language analysis and speech

It's nice to be reunited with the QL, and also to find so many familiar
names still involved with it.

I do already have a couple of questions, but I think they might be better
in a separate thread.

Regards to all,

Daniel Baum
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