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> A new update of Malcolm Lear's PCB Design program is available to download
> free of charge from my website, at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/graphi
> cs/index.html or http://www.greybeardz.com/graphics/index.html.
> The previous version available from my site was v7.52, so here's a list of
> changes since then:
> 7.53:
> Fixed bug in editing mode logic, present since version 7.51.
> Rem'd out development code.
> Unassigned variables now initialized.
> 7.54:
> Jedec  SMD  library  components  accuracy  is  improved and are generated
> from raw official data.
> Standard  drill  assignments  assumed for old project files and .ncd files
> ignored (used only between version 6.00 and 6.02).
> File format revision reported on load.
> Auto Gerber/NC Drill now has its own export menu.
> Selecting a printer port in a non printing export mode now prompts a
> warning.
> Improved code that determines whether the export path should mirror the
> project path.
> New  track  snaking  feature  creates  sinusoidal  track offset
> transitions which can be particularly useful for data busses.
> Dilwyn
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