It crash also viewing my BOOT file..
I don't think that is a lenght problem....

Il 06 set 2017 09:53, "Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users" <>
ha scritto:

Urs Koenig (QL) via Ql-Users wrote:
> Easy to reproduce here:
> - Use QL/E (QPC2 v4.05, QLE.WIN)
> - Set QPC2 to max. resolution on control panel
> - Start the thing
> - Once QL/E has completely booted call QPAC2 Files (Alt+f)
> - Then choose drive WIN1_ (F2)
> - Then enable TREE view (F3)
> - Then select VIEW (F4)
> - Then invoke a DO on arc_exe

Ah ok, the key is to view a file that has really long lines. For some
reason Tony didn't anticipate people using QPAC2 on a screen that can
show more than 256 characters in a line. How couldn't he know that
people will eventually be using QPAC2 on a 1920 resolution screen!?
Bad Tony!

Will release a fix eventually. Until then, just don't do it.


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