Peter wrote:
> I hope to be able to comment more about the Q68 at a later time, right now
> let me say thanks to...
> ... Laurence Reeves and Tony Firshman for releasing Minerva as free QL
> operating system, motivating me to develop the Q68 at all
> ... Richard Zidlicky for bringing Minerva plus PS/2 driver to the Q68 and
> great help debugging CPU cores
> ... Mark Swift for QDOS Classic, structured so nicely that even I could
port it to
> the Q68 in a single day
> ... Tobias Gubener for the CPU core the Q68 finally uses
> ... Adrian Ives for the QL-SD driver, initially used for Q68 mass storage
> ... Tony Tebby for relasing SMSQ/E as free software after all
> ... Wolfgang Lenerz for his outstanding achievement of porting SMSQ/E to
> the Q68
> ... Wolfgang Lenerz again for very helpful tools, extra drivers and docs
> ... Derek Stewart for his courage and lots of work manufacturing the Q68
> hardware and making it available for the public
This "who's who" is a kind of an extract of the all-time QL hall of fame.

But for the Q68 I believe the real work was done by Peter (HW) and Wolfgang
(OS) plus Derek (Manufacturing). Hence they deserve the roses.

QL forever!

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