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Hi all,

Latest pictures.

Qbase is now rescalable. It starts at 512x256:


and can get as big as you want:


These pictures show the automatic proportional column width in the tabular view, which has actually always worked, but was less than obvious until now.

Getting there...

Looking good.

I played with the current version as found in BP143 and I did get a Qlib error when hitting the Tabulate button. I must admit it was a big database of over 3000 records and 6 fields, with one of 500 characters.
Qbase probably tried to get them all in one array for the menu items.
The big field could of course be cut to the visible column width.

"Qlib error 16, array too big" suggests there are too many elements.
A dimensions check would be nice here, so the Tab action can be aborted with a warning, before the program crashes.
(See sections 6.4 & 8.8 of the Qlib 3.3 manual)


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