Here are some observations from my first investigations of what is going on:

- The original DIM statement is no_of_fields-1, no_of_records,20. This
results in "Dimensional overflow , you can't be serious!". We have
obviously hit some kind of internal limit.

- Reducing the string length parameter to 10 no longer produces an error,
but does produce garbled output in the table.


- Reducing the string length to 8 seems to work properly.


I'm not sure what's going on here. It seems to be both an array size limit,
which produces the first result, and a possible problem in EasyPtr itself,
which produces the second one.



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> Hi all,
>> Latest pictures.
>> Qbase is now rescalable. It starts at 512x256:
>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/exexw4s5ppexyi4/qbaseTab512x256.jpg?dl=0
>> and can get as big as you want:
>> https://www.dropbox.com/s/o9yi56lqms4ppg3/qbaseTabBig.jpg?dl=0
>> These pictures show the automatic proportional column width in the tabular
>> view, which has actually always worked, but was less than obvious until
>> now.
>> Getting there...
>> Looking good.
> I played with the current version as found in BP143 and I did get a Qlib
> error when hitting the Tabulate button.
> I must admit it was a big database of over 3000 records and 6 fields, with
> one of 500 characters.
> Qbase probably tried to get them all in one array for the menu items.
> The big field could of course be cut to the visible column width.
> "Qlib error 16, array too big" suggests there are too many elements.
> A dimensions check would be nice here, so the Tab action can be aborted
> with a warning, before the program crashes.
> (See sections 6.4 & 8.8 of the Qlib 3.3 manual)
> Bob
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