Hi Daniel,

Have you released any of your updates yet?

Just wondering if they can be tested.

Darren Branagh

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> One more thing:
>> I should add that limiting the number of displayed records to 1000 works
>> fine, so I could fix the problem by using a paging arrangement.
>> The test _dbs has 3111 records by 6 fields making 18666 menu items.
> That is well within the limit of items (<32K) WMAN2 can handle in the AW.
> Records times Fields must be less.
> But there is also a limit in S*Basic of 65K for indexing second and third
> dimensions, in this case Fields x Field_length (including length word).
> As you used Fields as the first dimension instead, 2nd (Records: 3111)
> times 3rd (length: 20 +2) would be just too much.
> As records will in most cases be the highest number, making it the first
> dimension is the best choice.
> So checking these limits and using paging is the only option for a large
> database that exceed these limits.
> Bob
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