Hi all,

That's very good news about QMenu.

Anyway, two people have sent me the correct parameters for FILE_SELECT, and
I am coming to the conclusion that version 7.66 ignores the file extension
and always shows all files in a directory. The same is not true of a
version 5 that I also have.

The command that I used is something like
Everything is set up correctly in the dialogue box but there is no

I have tried this on QPC2 and Q-Emulator, with no other extensions loaded,
to eliminated some sort of clash.


On Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 2:03 AM, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users <
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> Daniel Baum via Ql-Users wrote:
> > Yes, but if the API has changed from version to version, then it WILL
> fail
> > for some users who are using a different version to the one that I am
> > writing for in my program.
> >
> > Therefore linking it seems like a good idea.
> Unfortunately it isn't because it's not just a basic extension. The
> functionality itself is implemented in globally visible "things" so
> that it can be used from any language, the basic commands are just
> wrappers for them.
> So what would probably happen is that the linked copy would overwrite
> any existing "things" with the same names and everything will crash
> once you remove the job again because of dangling pointers.
> > Whatever, I will update the program for the latest version and hope
> > for the best.
> If you find any bugs we can try to fix them.
> >>> The other possibility is to update the QBase code, but for this I would
> >>> need a manual, which seems to be unavailable (is it really still
> >>> commercial?)
> No, it isn't, I askes Jochen if I could release QMenu for free and he
> agreed. I just didn't have the manual at hand for release and promptly
> forgot about it.
> Marcel
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