thanks for your warning but no bug. The comment mentions what the SMSQ/E format routine gets, not the java side.



On 11/10/2017 23:24, Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users wrote:
Evening All,

I was nosing around in the latest source for Smsqmulator and I might have found 
a bug in the floppy driver code. Mind you, it's Java, so all bets are off!

In formatDrive() it has a comment that d0 is the format type, 0=sd, 1=dd, 2=hd 
or 3=ed etc. However the code looks to be getting the format type from register 
d2 and not d0. As in:

Int type = (this.cpu.data_regs[2]&0xffff)-1;

I might be wrong of course, it does happen, but it looks odd given the comments.


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