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> > E.g. when a pixel has red colour with flash on, the rest of the pixels
> > on the line will flash between the original pixel colour and red until
> > the next set flash bit.
> The "until" is ambiguous. When that next pixel occurs, does it still use
> the background colour of the previous pixels, or already the colour in
> it's own colour bits?

The flashing is up to and including the pixel which has the flash bit on to
turn flash off.
This can be seen when PRINTing something with flash on. Each character is 6
bits wide, but only the least significant ('rightmost') 5 bits are used as
the leftmost bit is always 0. This is the bit used to turn flash on, and
when flash is on the flash bit of the LSB (rightmost) bit is also on so
flash is turned off after each character (even when you print multiple
characters on the same line).

> Also, is there any exact info about the blink frequency?

I've tested this on a real QL and it looks like the blink frequency is
16/50th of a second which is a bit slower than the software-generated
blinking of the window's cursor (12/50th second). So a complete blink cycle
will be 32/50th second.


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