Hi everyone

Despite his busy schedule, Wolfgang made a new version of QXLWinReader available to me privately and I have tested the new behaviour. The issue appears to be addressed and FTYP is now returning the correct file-type for sub-directories copied from a WIN drive to a BDI image on my SD-Card.

Wow - that is a quick release-cycle! Working in the software industry myself, I know our customers would love that kind of service!

I'll leave it to Wolfgang to say when he's ready to upload the new version to his site for general release.

Thanks Wolfgang!


On 30/10/2017 10:21, Martyn Hill wrote:

Hi Wolfgang!

For sure - no pressure - I can fix-up the issue on my SD-Card with a little script in the meantime.

As for on which FS the issue takes-place; it shows itself on the destination side (QubIDE/SD-Card image) - running FTYP on the source QLWA/WIN source returns the expected '255' against all (sub)directories, whereas after copying (en-masse) to a BDI image on my mounted SD-Card, the same sub-directories return '0' to FTYP once re-mounted on the SDC-equipped QL - but are still marked as directories in the parent (hence tagged with the ' ->' marker when DIRing the parent.)

Warm regards - and thanks again for a really valuable utility!

On 30/10/2017 03:39, Wolf via Ql-Users wrote:

thanks for pointing this out.

I'm a little short on time right now, but will check this as soon as possible.

Under which file system does this error arise, QLWA ou Qubide?



On 29/10/2017 22:12, Martyn Hill via Ql-Users wrote:
Hi list and especially Wolfgang

Not sure the best way to report the issue, but as per my recent thread on the Forum (http://qlforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2146), I seem to have uncovered an odd behaviour when copying directory structures from WIN to a QL.BDI image file on SDC.

I know this feature is still experimental, but I already use it quite a lot - especially after corrupting my SD-Card sufficiently that it wouldn't get recognised on the QL, but QXLWinReader was able to read all the files and directories (somehow!), allowing me to recreate the QL.BDI image file and restore all the contents. At the moment, this valuable little program is my preferred way to transfer large amounts of data between QPC and my QL.

In short, whilst the directory structures are all copied across with their files (and further sub-directories), it would appear that the file-header copy inside each sub-directory file itself is not copied across intact. The effect of this is that, whilst a DIR listing shows the ' ->' against such sub-directories indicating that it is recognised as a directory-file, when you use FTYP to query the sub-dir path, it returns '0' as for a normal file.

I've tested this - as documented on the Forum - and think I've ruled out anything else (like the typical user-error that plagues most of my QL work!)

Would love to see this investigated and possibly addressed!

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