Hi Michael,

I have both CPORT and CFIX.  I find that CFIX doesn't work correctly in QPC2,
Something for me to find out later then I suspect!

so to get around that problem, I use Q-emulator for that one.
That would work for me too. I wonder what the difference is?

CPORT does work well in QPC2, provided that memory is limited to 16M.
Hmmm. I use 48M. But I can reduce it if necessary.

There's also some other related files.
I'll dig them out.  How can I get them to you?
There's no need - thank you. One I'm not sure of the legal status, even though it is a Chas Dillon program, he didn't put the source code etc out there when he "opened" his other stuff, and two, I have the DP collection and CPORT_zip is on disc 03. So I have it already.

Thanks again though for your offer.


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