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I was just made aware of a number of features in Q-Lberator that I havent
seen documented anywhere: EXT_PROC, EXT_FN, GLOBAL, and possibly others. I believe I have a general idea of what theyre about, but should like to see
some documentation. Ive been told there is a chapter 14 in some manuals?
The two pdf manuals I found online, one of them claiming to be of V3.36,
dont mention these keywords, and my printed one is altogether of an older


A version of the manual is at Dilwyn's download site.
< http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qlib/Q_Liberator%203.36%20manual.pdf >

I just did a quick check of the .pdf against my original 3.36 printed manual and everything including chapter 14 is there. However chapter 15 (Release 3.3 Enhancements) from my copy is missing from the .pdf.
I'll try to scan this asap.


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