On Wed, 8 Nov 2017 21:05:55, Per Witte <pjwi...@online.no> wrote:

> I was just made aware of a number of features in Q-Lberator that I havent
> seen documented anywhere: EXT_PROC, EXT_FN, GLOBAL, and possibly others. I
> believe I have a general idea of what theyre about, but should like to see
> some documentation. Ive been told there is a chapter 14 in some manuals?
> The two pdf manuals I found online, one of them claiming to be of V3.36,
> dont mention these keywords, and my printed one is altogether of an older
> vintage.

Hi Per,
See this link .. http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qlib/index.html

There are a couple of v3.36 manuals that clearly document these EXT_FN, 
EXT_PROC and GLOBAL keywords.  They might not work as expected on QPC2, as 
SMSQ/E is being used.  But these should work on Q-emulator.

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