There are some new updated features of the Q68.

Q68 Features

Q68 Video modes:

0. Standard QL MODE 8 256x256 pixel (8 colours)
1. Standard QL MODE 4 512x256 pixel (4 colours)
2. Q40/Q60 highcolour mode 512x256 pixel (65536 colours)
3. Q40/Q60 highcolour mode 1024x512 pixel (65536 colours)
4. High resolution QL MODE 4 1024x768 pixel (4 colours)
5. Aurora mode 1024x768 pixel, 256 (colours)
6. Medium resolution highcolour mode 512x384 pixel (65536 colours)

Monochrome display:

In the standard QL modes and the high resolution mode 4, the Q68 offers special monochrome display functions, in black & white, amber or green colour, even if you attach a colour monitor.


The Q68 provides a stereo sampled sound system. Digital-analog conversion uses 20kHz sample rate and hardware FIFO buffering for up to 1024 samples. Combined line / headphone output on jack socket.

SDHC Drive Interfaces:

The Q68 contains hardware for two independent SDHC card interfaces. Fullsize card slots are provided for easier handling and copying of data between two cards. One 4Gb SDHC Card Supplied with SMSQ/E Operating System.

Realtime Clock:

DS1374C-33 real time clock.

Longlife super-capacitor for oscillator supply backup during power-off
Integrated recharge capability.

I/O Ports:

Serial port with up to 115200 (460000) Baud, external 9 pin SubD connector.

I2C Interface:

Internal 4 pin connector, hardware compatible with Minerva MKII I2C devices.

Extension Bus:

The Q68 mainboard contains a parallel extension bus with 8 bit data/address bus and control signals for the possibility of add-ons.


The Q68 has an on-board CP2200 ethernet controller with integrated IEEE 802.3 MAC and 10 Base-T PHY. At the time this manual was written, no Q68 specific software support for the CP2200 was released.

Board Size:

The Q68 mainboard has a size of 8cm x 10cm and can be mounted in an available case.

Power Supply:

The Q68 is powered by a standard regulated 5V supply with 2.1 mm coaxial plug.

Recommended Power Supply provide at least 1A for the devices that are usually attached, for example keyboard, mouse and SDHC cards.

Power supply not provided with Q68, due to country differences in voltage and mains pin configuration.

PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse:

6-pin female Mini DIN connector.

Keyboard and mouse ports are separate, but to save space, a combined connector with signals for both ports is provided.

A standard PS/2 keyboard can directly be plugged into the mainboard. If a mouse is also used, an additional PS/2 splitter cable is required.

Note: Splitter cables for PC notebooks usually have the mouse signals where the Q68 has keyboard. The mouse and keyboard require swapping, when using such a cable.

A Belkin PS/2 Splitter is available with the correct Q68 Keyboard (Purple)/Mouse Green) colour designations.

Mouse versions with scrollwheel are supported, but LEDs inside the keyboard are currently not used.

Sales Information

Batch 1 consists of 21 x Q68 boards, with options on Case and PS/2 Splitter cable.

I have created a pre-sales unconfirmed order list, based on the date of the interest in purchasing a Q68.

I will be contacting everyone in date order of the enquiry, commencing 20/11/17, to confirm the Q68 order and give purchasing information.

Purchasing can be made by Paypal or Bank Transfer, shipping costs be calculated based on customer location.

Q68 Batch 2, should be available in December/January


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