My apologies for the delay in the commencement of the Q68 order process. There 
was a  little more work involved with the Q68 case. I have completed this work 
and am in a position to start supplying the Q68.

I have created a list of people that have shown interest in the Q68. Which was 
sourced from QL Forum (UK,DE), QL Users list, email. The order of the list is 
based on the date of interest shown. 

I will contact each person to establish the validity of the Q68 order, with 
specfic instructions to start the order process.

I have revised the cost of the Q68, this due to the work involved with the Q68 
Case and assembling the Q68 main board into the case. 

The revised prices are:

Q68 Main Board:  £150.00
Q68 built into custom case: £180.00
PS/2 Splitter: £2.00
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