Hi all,

SMSQE 3.32 is out now.

Below is a swmall account of what has changed.

 - Bugfixes:
There are various bugfixes for network drive names resolution.
QPC & SMSQmulator use the correct SQRT replacement routines.
QPC better handling of removable drives.

Additional features:

- Filesystem for FAT16 disks of up to 256 MiB (currently only ysed in Q68).

- Filesystem for QUBide drives.

- Q40/Q60:
It is now possible to use IDE hard disks formatted with FAT32 and contining
QXL.WIN "drives" (see explanation in the extras_new directory).
The purpose of this is to allow easier data exchange between the Qx0 and the rest of the QL world : Adapters exist which will plug into the Q40 IDE connector and can read SDHC memory cards. If you format such a card on FAT32, you can exchange QXL.WIN drives easily! You can, of course, also use a FAT32 formmated hard disk with QXL.WIN files on it0
DISP_MODE command for Qx0 introduced.
Please note that this version cannot be burned into an EPROM.

- Q68
Q68 version of SMSQE introduced.

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Have fun.

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