Wolf via Ql-Users wrote:
> - Filesystem for QUBide drives.

This is a very nice feature especially for native hardware, allowing
direct data exchange between Q68 and QL with QL-SD.

> - Q40/Q60:
> It is now possible to use IDE hard disks formatted with FAT32 and contining
> QXL.WIN "drives"

A little background info: I was originally planning to design a Q68
compatible SDHC card interface for the Q40/Q60. But driver and hardware
use SPI mode, which limits theoretical speed to 3 MB/s. On a Q60 that
would not be optimal - even practical speed of a tradititional harddisk
via the ISA bus was higher.

It turned out that IDE-SD Adapters worked relatively well with SDHC
cards, so I asked Wolfgang, why not use IDE instead. Saving the time and
cost for hardware development and getting better performance.

However these adaptors should be used with caution. Firstly, I could
only find adaptors which expect to be IDE "master" and are not
jumperable to "slave". This can be an ugly limitation, if you only have
one ISA I/O card and it is only for two IDE drives. Personally, I have
an ISA card for 4 IDE drives, but these days not easy to find anymore.

Secondly, I have experienced severe problems installing "ShoeString"
Linux. The original Q60 Linux installed, but did not "like" a "slave"
present on the same IDE bus as the IDE-SD adaptor (similar issue with
compact flash). It could be that Linux tries to use advanced ATA
commands which are well supported by harddisks, but maybe not on those

If only SMSQ/E is used, I did not notice problems with a slave present
on the same bus. However, testing was only minimal.

Important: You can not use Tony Tebby's mkpart program to partition
FAT32 IDE drives. Two major reasons:

1. The standard partition table was Atari style, but is DOS style for

2. In order to make a card readable on x86 PC, the Q40/Q60 must swap all
bytes on the ISA bus for DOS style IDE devices. This is because of the
ugly little-endian number representation on x86 PCs. 68K represents
numbers as they are normally read, and so does the traditional IDE
driver of the Q40/Q60.

Great job, Wolfgang!!!

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