pjwitte via Ql-Users wrote:
> Thanks, Marcel. Yes, I thought you might enjoy this little holiday 
> from "industrial" programming ;)

Oh well, I'm already swamped with non-industrial work, I have so many
ideas and projects on what to do that I hardly ever manage to finish
anything :-( I even started designing PCBs for fun and probably no profit.

> BTW, no criticism was ever intended of the creators of either SMSQ/E 
> or DISA!

Ah yes, DISA indeed still has some bugs, I occasionaly stumple upon
them, too. It might even be that I introduced some more in 3.05, I
don't know, but DISA is strictly "end of life" for me. The source code
(all assembler) is very complicated, life's too short to trying to
understand it. But if anybody REALLY wants to invest a few days or
even weeks of ones life to improve it, contact me...

Cheers, Marcel

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