Happy New Year one and all.

I started pcb design a while back too. I use Fritzing and/or Kicad for mine. 
Manually routing a pcb can seriously use up a good few hours of your life! But 
it's [still] fun.

I will probably live to regret this but, let me know how/where to get the DISA 
source and I  will take a look and try to understand it. I must say in advance 
that time, as ever, is probably limited as my wife and I are in the middle of 
dealing with a severe case of dementia affecting my mother in law. This, as you 
can imagine, is a bit of a time killer, and the worst of it is, she'll never 
get better.

I lost my own mother 2 years ago to the same horror, and my dad was recently 
diagnosed with it too. Still, look on the bright side, it's not hereditory!

As mentioned above, all the best for 2018, and thanks for all the help, and fun 
this past year.

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