Hehe! Spot on, Tobias
On 05/01/2018 15:49, Tobias Fröschle via Ql-Users wrote:
AF = Awfully faulty
JM = jerkily mended
JS = just stable
MG = mainly good

;) (just joking)


Am 05.01.2018 um 12:56 schrieb Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users 

Hi Paolo,

as far as I remember, the code letters for the various QL ROMs have been named 

* Taxi Drivers used by Sinclair staff;
* Engineers at Sinclair;
* Women in the Sinclair offices.

There may bo other "uses", but the letters in JM and JS etc are the initials of 
certain people from the above list. I have not seen a full list of the various names 
actually used though, so I can't tell you who JM and JS were. Sorry.



On 04/01/18 18:30, Paolo Del Bene via Ql-Users wrote:
Today's Topics:
    1. Re: about JM and JS roms
         (Paolo Del Bene)
         34 years are passed, and I haven't
         anymore a QL Sinclair from 27
         years when my father before bought
         it for me and then he sold without to
         say nothing to me.
         I am here only to ask for what stand
         the name JM and JS in the roms.
         I haven't found any information
        about, if you can help me I'll be
         Happy GNU Year 2018
     Paolo Del Bene iw0fzw

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