Hi Michael,

> What is the easiest way to connect a QL to a modern VGA or HDMI monitor?  

The only converters which work for me at all, are the GBS-8220 and
similar. These are VGA converters. I find picture quality poor compared
to a suitable CRT monitor, but at least I can work.

All my attempts with HDMI converters failed on my three QLs, although I
tried several SCART cable wirings. The best I could get was picture
going on and off all the time. Others have reported success.

> Are there any servers that run on a PC that act as a file server to the QL 
> over the serial port that could be used in place of floppy/CF/SD hardware?

In theory, you could run a PC emulator which accesses those media and
connect your QL via a nullmodem cable and the SERNET software.

Be aware the QL serial port is extremely slow. For example reading a
complete floppy disk would take half an hour this way (if you have luck
and there is no reliability problem).

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