> What is the easiest way to connect a QL to a modern VGA or HDMI monitor?  
If you are not already on there, I'd seriously consider joining The QL Forum 

You can read the articles without signing up, but signing up is completely free 
and allows you to post questions, contribute and ask others question.

I've always found it so helpful and most people gladly offer to help each other 
in a real community spirit.

There have been a lot of discussions on there about modern monitor connections. 
For example, here is one discussion thread I contributed to with my experiences 
of a SCART to HDMI converter which autoscaled the QL display for me to use with 
my kitchen TV via HDMI as a monitor for example (I had to buy a QL video to 
SCART lead, but that was small cost to being able to connect to a more modern 
screen than the old CRT monitor I used to use).


QL Forum has a pretty good search box on its home page - just type in "SCART to 
HDMI" for example (without the quotes)  and it will list the discussion threads 
which talk about those devices.

WIth the device I bought, I was lucky, auto-scaling allowed the entire 512 
pixel width to be viewed on that set, but you don't always experience this. A 
simple QL to SCART lead plugged direct to a SCART lead will often overscan 
slightly, causing you to lose a couple of text characters off either or both 
edges of the screen (effectively limiting you to viewing about 480 of the 
available 512 pixels, or about 80 columns out of the possible 85 columns of the 
video screen). The point being that any such video connection is almost certain 
to be much better than connecting the RF output from the QL to the aerial input 
on a TV set, which in most cases would give pretty dire results.

I've never tried one of the something to VGA converters I'm afraid.

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