Hi all,

I have (finally) found some time to check Sernet connection between my Q68 and QPC under Win10 (Mac Book using Parallel). To get COM1 I use a USB-> RS232 converter

As expected Sernet works perfectly until 230400 Baud (19200*12), to get more speed I tried  460800 (19200*24) but I got a "not implemented error". All speed more than 230400 get a not implementation error in any SMSQ/E system (QPC /Q68/Q60). I think that SMSQmulator don't have SER driver.

I had a look at the SMSQE 3.32 sources and there are 2 "baud.asm" in smsq/spp and sbext/ext but i cannot find where the speed check is.....

Finally what is the theoretically max ser speed of the Q68 is? and where the SMSQ/e check this ?

Many thanks to any of the Guru that would like to answer:-):-)



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