So far, I used 230400 in a reliable way (not extensively tested...), i did not notice anything wrong, moreover this speed (230400) it is a reasonable compromise vs response time expected, 115200 is a bit slow for my taste. The setting I used on PC side was 8bit data and no flow control. Sernet I use is version 2.25, btw is a newer version somewhere available?

Now playing with SMSQ/E sources, according Wolfgang suggestion (Thanks....)


On 20/01/2018 13:04, Derek via Ql-Users wrote:
When using Q68 to QPC2 on a PC using Sernet, I have found it is the PC serial 
port that limits the serial port speed to 115200 Baud.
But Q68 to Q68 can achieve higher serial speeds.
Sernet requires RTS/CTS for flow control, which on the Q68 is pulled high and 
not available.
Pity the Sernet source code was not available so a software flow control could 
used like XON/XOFF.
But on saying all that Sernet does work on Q68 to QPC2, QXL. Not tried Atari ST 
QL emulator yet.
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Hi Fabrizio,

Finally what is the theoretically max ser speed of the Q68 is?
460 kBaud for the hardware itself (UART and RS-232 driver). But for the
overall system, max. 115 kBaud is specified in the Manual. Beyond that
it has not been sufficiently tested.

Please note that many USB-SER converters for PC start getting unreliable
at 230 kBaud already.

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